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Congratulations, you’ve acquired an eating disorder, the first step towards your goal.Arm yourself with a SLR Digital Camera and a parent willing to take provocative pictures of you in your underwear and follow these steps: There are 3 main types of E-Celeb The Whore, The Delusional and The Bitch.

And Jasmine Cephas Jones is one of its breakout stars, Lin-Manuel Miranda, already renowned for his first stage production, Tony and Grammy award winning, inspired in large part by a biography of the man written by Ron Chernow.

Combining the founding father’s intriguing backstory (a Caribbean immigrant who built the country’s first National Bank, took part in the country’s first sex scandal and later died in what is perhaps the country’s most infamous duel) with a primarily black and Latino cast rapping and singing hip-hop and R&B inspired numbers has been a genius addition to The Great White Way and beyond (the cast album hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Rap charts in November.) While Miranda is the main man behind , the entire cast has been lauded for their performances, for their adeptness at embodying these Revolutionary-era men and women in new and revolutionary ways.

For Cephas Jones, it is her Broadway debut playing the dual role of Peggy Schuyler (Hamilton’s sister-in-law) and Maria Reynolds (Hamilton’s mistress.) As she sits in the hair and makeup chair during the photoshoot for this cover, Cephas Jones suddenly looks up from her phone.

The scariest fact of them all, according to : companies in the United States are “allowed to put ingredients into personal care products with no required safety testing, and without disclosing all the ingredients.” This means that the products you’re putting on your skin that are getting absorbed into your body, are barely regulated. Of course, there are scams out there – companies that capitalize on the fear and create products that aren’t actually all-natural.

But there are also trustworthy brands with products that aren’t the hippie items you might expect.

For the more than twenty million Americans who suffer from chronic sleep disorders, that feeling is agony.

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