Who is dating princess diana


Here we look back at all the times Kate has channeled Diana.

During a weekend getaway with friends in the English countryside, Diana watched the prince play polo and the two struck up a romance from there.On February 29, 1996, the Princess announced that she had agreed to a divorce.True to her high-profile image, in March of 1996 Diana suggested to Charles that they announce their divorce on television; according to Diana argued that such an appearance "would help the nation as much as themselves." After some stalling, Prince Charles agreed to the request and a hefty financial settlement of almost million, plus 0,000 a year for the maintenance of Diana's private office.They divorced in 1996 after she accused him of having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.She died about one year later when a car she was in crashed after attempting to evade paparazzi photographers.The special paints an intimate portrait of a woman seeking to stake her own claim in the world and figure out the next chapter of her life, all while dating again and battling a constant crush of paparazzi.

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