Who is davey havoc dating now

“There was a catharsis in the writing process and there was strangely distance from what I was experiencing,” he said.

“Despite there being focus on that chaos within the content of what I was creating, it allowed for an escape, which was a strange dichotomy.

is coming out in just a couple of weeks, preceded by two very strong singles and a national tour following not long after.

While AFI’s discography is phenomenally strong, the singles indicate one of their best endeavors in several years.

The frontman is disappointed by the tone of his band AFI‘s latest album, Burials, which is once again dark and gloomy.

But Havok– born David Marchand– isn’t disappointed in the songs that make up his band’s recently released record.

The layers just grew and grew while we were making the record.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t want to make it personal,” Havok told a few weeks before the album was released.

When there are so many themes running through the record, people choose which they want to focus on, which are more poignant to them at that point in their lives.

The title really speaks to all the different levels that are on the record.

“I would hope,” Havok said with a smile, explaining that was his intention all along.

A look at the tracklist and you’ll see titles like “A Deep Slow Panic,” “Anxious” and “Heart Stops” and you get a sense of the world that Havok was living in and why perhaps he couldn’t wait to get out of it.

While I don’t know that much about No Doubt personally, people sure seem to like them.

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