Who is garrett hedlund dating now


In 2007, Hedlund essayed two very different roles: he joined Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan in the gentle rural drama Georgia Rule, then co-starred alongside Kevin Bacon in the one-man vigilante drama Death Sentence, about a father who attempts to wreak vengeance on those who rubbed out his family.Over the next several years, Hedlund would enjoy increasing success on screen, starring in TRON: Legacy, showing off his singing chops in Country Strong, and appearing in the highly anticipated Kerouac adaptation On The Road.A witness tells Celebuzz the duo grabbed breakfast by the pool, were “cutely affectionate” and looked “enamored” with one another.Midwestern-born actor Garrett Hedlund debuted in the mid-2000s with a series of plum roles in A-list features.

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In fact, the pair smiled big for the cameras while attend FOX's award show party earlier this year. We have similar backgrounds," she shared with the publication.Celebuzz was there too, and what isn’t being mentioned is that Kristen and Garrett’s On the Road producer was also hanging out with them in a group setting.As we told you before, Kristen and Garrett are just friends. PHOTOS: Costar couples "The engagement is coming soon," a source tells Us, adding that Hedlund moving in "strengthened their relationship." PHOTOS: Love on set The magazine."I'm in baby mode because two of my really good friends are pregnant right now.Hedlund plays a fellow prisoner."She's extremely collaborative," Hedlund says of Jolie's directing skills.

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