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"At some point, you're in too far to quit," he says, joking that his resume, which consists of years of jokes and "pretending," wouldn't make him a candidate for what he calls a real job.Gardell wasn't really the kid who practiced telling jokes in his living room.

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Being the middle child in an Irish Catholic family of seven from Missouri, she is determined to be heard. You think there's a wizard but, there is no wizard. But my God, Afghanistan makes Tijuana look like Manhattan. He didn't have our sense of humor and he thought we were being mean. " It took for the antithesis of funny to enter the house for me to realize we had a sense of humor. You did two seasons on "Last Comic Standing." What kind of impact did that have on your career? The whole reality thing is crazy because whatever you give them, they can twist any way they want. Robin Williams had a lot of demons, but he had put himself in rehab earlier this year. It makes you go, "Nothing sucks too bad because I'm still here." Do you see yourself going into movies or TV? Comedian Kathleen Madigan could be your wisecracking sister-in-law or the entertaining lady at the end of the bar who's full of sass. Every single day in Catholic school, a nun would write on the board: 1.) God, 2.) Others, 3.) Yourself -- then say, "Remember that order. Her Midwestern charm takes the audience right in, allowing them to unleash those genuine belly laughs comedians fight so hard for. Ninety percent of the time my parents didn't know what I was doing and I liked it that way. That's how you live." When you see that every single day for eight years, it becomes a moral code that's installed inside of you. If you would have gotten my press kit, you would have thought I was the most accomplished comedian on the planet, and I had only been doing it for a year and a half. John Pinette was sober, losing weight and on a good track. But like a true humorist, Gardell sprinkles in some improvisation.He will also give audience members a chance to ask him questions, after all the jokes, of course."There's always a little room to go off on a tangent," he says. He's been a familiar face in film, with roles in movies such as "Bad Santa," "You, Me and Dupree" and Clint Eastwood's "Jersey Boys."Since "Mike and Molly" started in 2010 on CBS, he has performed opposite Melissa Mc Carthy as Officer Mike Biggs.The comedian, born in Boston in 1964, was a regular touring presence and was currently on a live trek that had set dates from April to June across venues in the U.

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