Who is teddy dating on 90210


Season 5 Teddy shows up at the West Beverly Hills High School alumni event stating that Shane had broken up with him, though Shane arrives shortly after him and states that Teddy ran away and won't return his calls.

Silver works out their issues for Teddy's sake and the two reunite.

Teddy believes it to be Shane who leaked the video, but finds out the truth from Silver.may have concluded its most recent episode with these two making out, but that doesn't mean there's a long-term future for Tan.In fact, Freddie Smith has been cast as Marco, a confirmed new love interest for Teddy. I'm supposed to get married, have kids and be normal.After struggling with his sexuality for a long time, he finally was able to admit to himself that he was gay and come out to his friends. Season 2 In the season premiere Naomi is trying to distract herself from all the drama by focusing on a newcomer, Teddy. Later, The owner of the cabana, who turns out to be Jason's wife, is not pleased with this and makes a scene.He took care of his mom before she died years back.

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