Wow not updating tools


I've been trying to update my Wo W client but everytime I launch the Blizzard Updater program, it gives me the following error: "The patching process cannot continue until all files are closed.Please try the following solutions: 1) Press 'Alt-Tab' to switch to the game; exit the gamel then press "Try again" or (2) Reboot your computer and run this program again If neither of these solutions corrects the problem, plese contact Blizzard Technical Support." My Wo W client is currently version 1.9.0. Already been fooling around with it for several hours and having lots of trouble getting to to follow targets etc.I was wondering if anyone else out there is having problems with the Wo W installer, I recently signed up for an account so I could take advantage of this play the first 20 levels for free promotion.A player must maintain at least 400 Blacksmithing or the socket will become inactive.

My in-game Auction DB and Wo Wuction prices are not updating anymore - the desktop app shows the updates are successful but I get the Wo Wuction pop-up warning on login and the TSM Auction DB in-game tab reports that the data is a couple of days old.I've manually downloaded the 1.4mb patch file (1.9.0 to 1.9.1) off of fileplanet with no luck.I have rebooted and launched the program without launching Wo W prior and still get the error.To find your installation, click Locate this game or run the game launcher.The Desktop application uses a process called Agent to install and patch Blizzard games.However, let me present you Free Far Sight, its successor. So, if I suddenly disapear, the code will not be lost . So, if I suddenly disapear, the code will not be lost .

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